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Repairs of sanitary installations:
The installer team at HandymanForLondon can help you both when a faulty sanitary facility has occurred and if you want to renew it.

Below is the list of services you can ask our installers:
Replacement of plumbing pipes;
Replacing water pipes in the bathroom or kitchen using copper pipes, polypropylene (PPR) or peal;
Replacing drain pipes from sanitary ware to the column;
Replacing the drain trap from the floor.

Repairs to Sanitary Pipes:
Replacing broken pipe segments;
Repairs or replacements of defective pipe joints regardless of the copper, polypropylene or peal used;
Identifying and repairing the causes of floods in the bathroom or kitchen;
Changing or repairing the sanitary faucets in the bathroom or kitchen;
De-leakage of drain pipes either as the problem occurred at the sink or the bathtub or toilet.

Repair of sanitary items:
Repairs and replacement of battery connections;
Changing or repairing batteries from the sink or tub;
Repairing or replacing the drain sink for the sink, tub or shower;
Repairing or replacing the fittings (s) for the toilet tank;
Repair or replacement of WC exhaust fittings;
Changing or repairing the toilet bowl connection and tap;
Changing or fitting of toilet caps;
Repairing the supply and drainage of shower cabins.