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Painting repairs and masonry services:
Our specialty in paint repairs is required for various operations of this type and the most common ones are:
– Repairs to the ceiling and the walls following the floods. In this case, due to the gravity of the flood, it may be necessary to repair the painting in depth (up to masonry with the restoration of the slate) or to the surface with the treatment of the area against stains and grit. In any case, you should take into consideration that the repair of the dump spots can not be repaired until after the area has dried well.
– Refreshment of paint is very useful in office spaces with intense traffic when it is desired to maintain the appearance of painting in the contact areas with the chairs or under the offices. Refining painting in rented apartments is useful for owners who want to improve the appearance of the apartment before renting.
– Repair of accidental stains on the walls can easily be repaired by our craftsman, regardless of their nature, whether they are stains of wine, coffee or drawings accidentally made by the little one.
– Repairs to sanitary installations under the bathtub or in the niches that hide pipes make fixing or replacement of tile or tile tiles.
Repair holes in walls whether they are in plaster walls or in masonry.