• Mobile Phone: 07799823825
  • Email us: office@handymanforlondon.co.uk
  • Working Hours: 08:00-17:00


Activities covered by our team:
– mechanical woodworking (straightening, planing, milling, turning, drilling, fixed jointing and removable joints with wooden screws or feathers);
– woodworking (sanding and varnishing, varnishing, painting);
– locksmith works (mounting of hinges, frogs and other metallic systems);
– wood carving;
– painting on wood, stone, canvas, mural;
– finishing products (liquid coating or spraying);
– architectural plans, drawings, sketches;
– electric welding (gates, fences, vines and others);
– transport also provided by us.

Products and services:
– Interior stairs;
– Doors, Windows;
– Walls, Floors, Shutters, Fences (poles, panels, grooves, tambre, lathes);
– Painted and carved furniture;
– Church furniture;
– Garden furniture;
– Shelves, Chairs, Tables, Banks;
– Cabinets, Collars, Beams;
– Layered beams;
– Houses on wooden structure;
– Sheets, Jardiniere;
– Garages;
– Terraces;
– Panels and wooden countertops;
– Frames, Rame stupi;
– Repair, refurbishment and renovation;
– Saunas;
– Wooden or metal balconies;
– Roofs and facades;
– Interior and exterior design;
– House insulation;
– Formworks;
– Arranging gardens;
– Cats dogs, cats and other animals;
– Other wood and metal products (pipe, sheet and various profiles).